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Quick Start

For using Togglee, you will need:

  • A toggle file hosted in an accessible server through HTTP/HTTPS (ex. gist).
  • An application using one of the supported languages libraries (ex. js).

The toggle file needs to be defined as a valid JSON object, similar to Simple true/false logical path definition.

"toggles": [
"name": "myToggle",
"type": "release",
"value": false

The supported formats for the toggle can be found in the section (Toggle types)[docs/toggle-types].

An example implementation using JS for the previous toggle is:

    import pkg from 'togglee';
const {Togglee} = pkg;

const url = ""
const refreshRateSeconds = 5
const defaultValues = []
const subject = new Togglee(url, refreshRateSeconds, defaultValues)

setInterval(() => {
if (subject.isEnabled("myToggle"))
console.log("do stuff")
console.log("don't do stuff")
}, 10000);

Please refer to each language for specific capabilities.